Lista de verbos regulares de -ar

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-ar verbs
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Master AR verb conjugation!
Using the information provided for each verb below, figure out what the verb forms would be for any and all tenses!
Maybe you need to review the tenses ...
This list of verbs is intended to be used for the following purposes:
To learn new vocabulary.
To practice pronunciation.
To visualize conjugation patterns (in groups of verbs).
To work with verbs from the root level (infinitive) and develop sentences.
To study in any other way YOU deem necessary.

Regular AR verbs are the first set of verbs that you need to master. You will find that the majority of the verbs that you will use in Spanish are AR verbs! Find a verb, go to the tense formation pages, pick up the endings, and use the word in context as often as you can! It's called "practice!".


Master Verb List
Master -AR
Master -ER
Master -IR
Regular -AR
Regular -ER
Regular -IR
Ending -car
Ending -gar
Ending -iar: i - í
Ending -zar
Ending -zco
Stem Change e->ie
Stem Change o->ue
Stem Change e->i

stem change
subj stem
abandonar     abandon-     to abandon, leave, forsake, give up
abusar     abus-     to abuse, misuse
acabar     acab-     to complete, finish, end
acampar     acamp-     to camp, go camping
acelerar     aceler-     to accelerate, hasten, hurry, speed
aceptar     acept-     to accept
aclamar     aclam-     to acclaim, applaud, shout, hail
aclarar     aclar-     to explain, clarify, make clear
acompañar     acompañ-     to accompany, go along
aconsejar     aconsej-     to counsel, advise
acostumbrar     acostumbr-     to be accustomed, be in the habit of
acuchillar     acuchill-     to knife, cut, cut open, slash
acumular     acumul-     to accumulate
acusar     acus-     to accuse
adaptar     adapt-     to adapt
adelantar     adelant-     to advance, front, keep on, progress, go ahead
adivinar     adivin-     to guess, divine, foretell
administrar     administr-     to administer
admirar     admir-     to admire
adoptar     adopt-     to adopt
adorar     ador-     to adore, worship
adornar     adorn-     to adorn, decorate
afectar     afect-     to affect, feign, pretend
afeitar     afeit-     to shave
afirmar     afirm-     to affirm
agachar     agach-     to lower, bend down
agarrar     agarr-     to grab, seize, grasp, get hold of
agitar     agit-     to shake up, agitate, stir up, wave
agotar     agot-     to use up, exhaust
agrandar     agrand-     to enlarge, grow larger, increase
agravar     agrav-     to aggravate, make worse, burden
agrupar     agrup-     to group, form groups
aguantar     aguant-     to endure, tolerate, put up with
aguardar     aguard-     to expect, wait for
agujerear     agujere-     to pierce, perforate, puncture, bore
ahorrar     ahorr-     to save (not waste)
alarmar     alarm-     to alarm
alimentar     aliment-     to feed, nourish, sustain
aliviar     alivi-     to lighten, unburden, alleviate, relieve
almacenar     almacen-     to store
alojar     aloj-     to lodge, house, quarter
alquilar     alquil-     to rent, hire
alterar     alter-     to alter, change, disturb, upset
alumbrar     alumbr-     to illuminate, light, enlighten
amar     am-     to love
anular     anul-     to annul
anunciar     anunci-     to announce, foretell, proclaim
apartar     apart-     to separate, divide, part
apestar     apest-     to corrupt, sicken, nauseate, plague
apoyar     apoy-     to support, back, favor, lean on
apreciar     apreci-     to appreciate, appraise, esteem
apurarse     apur-     to grieve, worry, fret
argumentar     argument-     to reason, dispute
armar     arm-     to arm
arreglar     arregl-     to arrange, set in order, settle, repair, adjust
arrestar     arrest-     to arrest
arrojar     arroj-     to fling, throw, hurl
articular     articul-     to articulate, pronounce clearly
asaltar     asalt-     to assault, storm, assail
asegurar     asegur-     to assure, affirm, insure, assert
asesinar     asesin-     to assassinate, murder
asignar     asign-     to assign, allot
asociar     asoci-     to associate
aspirar     aspir-     to vacuum, inhale, breathe in, draw
asustar     asust-     to scare, frighten
atrapar     atrap-     to overtake, catch
aumentar     aument-     to augment, increase, magnify, gain weight
ayudar     ayud-     to help, assist, aid, succour
ayunar     ayun-     to fast
bailar     bail-     to dance
bajar     baj-     to lower, go down
balancear     balance-     to balance
bañar     bañ-     to bathe, wash, rinse
basar     bas-     to base
beneficiar     benefici-     to benefit
besar     bes-     to kiss
bloquear     bloque-     to block
borrar     borr-     to erase
brindar     brind-     to toast, offer, present
cachear     cache-     to search, frisk
calcular     calcul-     to calculate
calmar     calm-     to calm down, pacify
callar     call-     to make quiet, shut-up
cambiar     cambi-     to change
caminar     camin-     to walk
cancelar     cancel-     to cancel
cansarse     cans-     to tire out, get tired, become weary
cantar     cant-     to sing, chant
cariciar     carici-     to caress, pet, fondle
casarse     cas-     to marry, get married, wed
causar     caus-     to cause, bring about, create
celebrar     celebr-     to celebrate
cenar     cen-     to eat dinner/supper
cepillar     cepill-     to brush
circular     circul-     to circulate
citar     circul-     to cite, quote
cocinar     cocin-     to cook
colaborar     colabor-     to collaborate
columpiar     columpi-     to swing, sway, play on a swing-set
combinar     combin-     to combine
comentar     coment-     to comment
comparar     compar-     to compare
compensar     compens-     to compensate
compilar     compil-     to compile
completar     complet-     to complete
comprar     compr-     to buy
concentrar     concentr-     to concentrate
condenar     conden-     to condemn
condensar     condens-     to condense
conectar     conect-     to connect
confirmar     confirm-     to confirm
conformar     conform-     to conform
confortar     confort-     to comfort
confrontar     confront-     to confront
conllevar     conllev-     to help someone with hardships
conquistar     conquist-     to conquer
conservar     conserv-     to conserve, save, maintain in some condition
considerar     consider-     to consider
consolar     consol-     to console
constipar     constip-     to constipate
consultar     consult-     to consult, counsel
contaminar     contamin-     to contaminate
contemplar     contempl-     to contemplate
contestar     contest-     to answer, respond, reply
contratar     contrat-     to contract for, hire, engage
controlar     control-     to control
conversar     convers-     to converse, have a conversation
coordinar     coordin-     to coordinate
cortar     cort-     to cut
crear     cre-     to create
cuidar     cuid-     to guard, take care of
curar     cur-     to cure, heal
charlar     charl-     to chat, talk
chiflar     chifl-     to whistle, hiss, scoff
chillar     chill-     to shriek, squeak, scream, shout, screech
chismear     chisme-     to chat, gossip, prattle
chupar     chup-     to suck, draw
declarar     declar-     to declare
decorar     decor-     to decorate
defraudar     defraud-     to defraud, cheat
dejar     dej-     to leave, let, leave alone, let stand
deliverar     deliver-     to deliver
demandar     demand-     to demand
denunciar     denunci-     to denounce
derivar     deriv-     to derive
desayunar     desayun-     to eat breakfast
descansar     descans-     to rest
descifrar     descifr-     to decipher, decode, figure out
descuidar     descuid-     to relieve from care
desear     dese-     to wish, desire
desempeñar     desempeñ-     to redeem, recover, unpawn
desenchufar     desenchuf-     to unplug
desengañar     desengañ-     to disillusion, disabuse
desfigurar     desfigur-     to disfigure
desilusionar     desilusion-     to disillusion
desmayar     desmay-     to faint, lose heart
desocupar     desocup-     to vacate, leave empty
desorientar     desorient-     to disorient
despreciar     despreci-     to despise, condemn, look down on
detectar     detect-     to detect
determinar     determin-     to determine
devorar     devor-     to devour
dibujar     dibuj-     to draw
dictar     dict-     to dictate, pronounce, inspire, suggest
disculpar     disculp-     to excuse
disfrutar     disfrut-     to enjoy, take enjoyment in
disgustar     disgust-     to disgust
disparar     dispar-     to shoot, discharge, fire
disputar     disput-     to dispute
divorciar     divorci-     to divorce
doblar     dobl-     to double, fold, bend
duchar     duch-     to shower
dudar     dud-     to doubt
echar     ech-     to put in, throw, cast, fling, put
ejecutar     ejecut-     to execute, carry out
elevar     elev-     to elevate
eliminar     elimin-     to eliminate, exclude, remove
emborrachar     emborrach-     to make drunk, intoxicate
empeorar     empeor-     to worsen, make worse, deteriorate
emplear     emple-     to employ, use, hire
enamorarse     enamor-     to fall in love, enamour
encantar     encant-     to enchant, be enchanting
encarcelar     encarcel-     to imprison, put in jail
enchilar     enchil-     to chilify, burn with chiles
enfadar     enfad-     to annoy, displease, anger
enfermarse     enferm-     to get sick, become ill
engañar     engañ-     to deceive, cheat
engendrar     engendr-     to engender
engordar     engord-     to get fat, gain weight
enojar     enoj-     to anger, make mad, madden
enseñar     enseñ-     to show, teach
ensuciar     ensuci-     to soil, get dirty, stain, pollute
entrar     entr-     to enter, go in
entrevistar     entrevist-     to interview
enumerar     enumer-     to enumerate, number
envidiar     envidi-     to envy
escapar     escap-     to escape
escoltar     escolt-     to escort
escuchar     escuch-     to listen, hear
esperar     esper-     to wait, hope, be pregnant
estipular     estipul-     to stipulate
estornudar     estornud-     to sneeze
estudiar     estudi-     to study
evitar     evit-     to avoid, evade
exagerar     exager-     to exaggerate
exaltar     exalt-     to exalt
examinar     examin-     to examine, test
excusar     excus-     to excuse
exhalar     exhal-     to exhale
expresar     expres-     to express
expulsar     expuls-     to expel, eject, drive out
extirpar     extirp-     to extirpate
facilitar     facilit-     to facilitate
faltar     falt-     to lack, miss, be missing
fallar     fall-     to fail, miss, be deficient
fascinar     fascin-     to fascinate, bewitch
fastidiar     fastidi-     to bug, annoy, bother
fecundar     fecund-     to fecundate, fertilize
fijar     fij-     to fix, focus
firmar     firm-     to sign
formar     form-     to form
formular     formul-     to formulate
fracturar     fractur-     to fracture
frustrar     frustr-     to frustrate
fumar     fum-     to smoke
funcionar     funcion-     to work, function
fundar     fund-     to found
fusilar     fusil-     to shoot
ganar     gan-     to win, earn, gain
gastar     gast-     to spend (money)
golpear     golpe-     to hit, strike, bump
grabar     grab-     to record
gritar     grit-     to scream, shout, yell
gustar     gust-     to please, be pleasing
hablar     habl-     to speak, talk
hallar     hall-     to find
heredar     hered-     to inherit
hinchar     hinch-     to swell up, become swollen
honrar     honr-     to honor
ignorar     ignor-     to ignore
imaginar     imagin-     to imagine
imitar     imit-     to imitate
implantar     implant-     to implant
implementar     implement-     to implement
importar     import-     to import, to be important
impresionar     impresion-     to impress, affect, influence
incapacitar     incapacit-     to incapacitate
incorporar     incorpor-     to incorporate
incrementar     increment-     to increment
infectar     infect-     to infect
inflamar     inflam-     to inflame
informar     inform-     to inform
ingresar     ingres-     to enter, join a group, become a member
iniciar     inici-     to initiate
inspeccionar     inspeccion-     to inspect, examine, survey, oversee
inspirar     inspir-     to inspire
insultar     insult-     to insult
intentar     intent-     to intend
intercambiar     intercambi-     to interchange, exchange
interesar     interes-     to interest
interpretar     interpret-     to interpret
inventar     invent-     to invent
invitar     invit-     to invite
inyectar     inyect-     to inject
irritar     irrit-     to irritate
jalar     jal-     to pull, draw, drag
jubilarse     jubil-     to retire
juntar     junt-     to join, bring together, gather
jurar     jur-     to swear, take an oath
ladrar     ladr-     to bark, howl
lastimar     lastim-     to injure, hurt, wound
lavar     lav-     to wash
levantar     levant-     to lift, pick up, raise
liberar     liber-     to liberate, free, set free
licenciar     licenci-     to license
limitar     limit-     to limit
limpiar     limpi-     to clean, wipe
luchar     luch-     to fight, battle, wage war
llamar     llam-     to call
llenar     llen-     to fill, make full
llevar     llev-     to take (literally), wear
llorar     llor-     to cry, weep
lloviznar     llovizn-     to rain lightly, drizzle
madurar     madur-     to mature, ripen
malfuncionar     malfuncion-     to malfunction
maltratar     maltrat-     to mistreat, abuse
manchar     manch-     to spot, stain, soil
mandar     mand-     to send, order, command
manejar     manej-     to drive, manage, handle, operate (vehicle)
manipular     manipul-     to manipulate
martillar     martill-     to hammer, pound with a hammer
mejorar     mejor-     to make better, get better
mencionar     mencion-     to mention
mirar     mir-     to watch, see, look
moderar     moder-     to moderate
mojar     moj-     to moisten, wet, make wet
molestar     molest-     to annoy, bother, disturb, bug
montar     mont-     to mount, ride
mudarse     mud-     to move, relocate
nadar     nad-     to swim
necesitar     necesit-     to need
nombrar     nombr-     to name
notar     not-     to note
nublarse     nubl-     to cloud up, get cloudy
observar     observ-     to observe
ocupar     ocup-     to occupy
odiar     odi-     to hate
olvidar     olvid-     to forget
operar     oper-     to operate, run
opinar     opin-     to opine, to be of the opinion
optar     opt-     to opt
orar     or-     to pray
parar     par-     to stand, come to a stand-still, stop
participar     particip-     to participate
pasar     pas-     to pass, spend (time)
patinar     patin-     to skate
patrullar     patrull-     to patrol
peinar     pein-     to comb
pelear     pele-     to fight
penetrar     penetr-     to penetrate
perdonar     perdon-     to pardon, excuse, forgive
perdurar     perdur-     to last, last a long time
perfeccionar     perfeccion-     to perfect
perforar     perfor-     to perforate
perpetrar     perpetr-     to perpetrate
perturbar     perturb-     to perturb
pesar     pes-     to weigh, be weighty
pintar     pint-     to paint
pitar     pit-     to toot, honk, blow a whistle, whistle
planchar     planch-     to iron
portar     port-     to bear, carry, port, comport
precisar     precis-     to state precisely, specify
preguntar     pregunt-     to ask (a question)
preocuparse     preocup-     to preoccupy, concern
preparar     prepar-     to prepare, fix, get ready
presentar     present-     to present
prestar     prest-     to lend, let borrow, loan
privar     priv-     to deprive, impede, prohibit, forbid
procrear     procre-     to procreate
programar     program-     to program
progresar     progres-     to progress
pronunciar     pronunci-     to pronounce
proporcionar     proporcion-     to proportion
protestar     protest-     to protest
proyectar     proyect-     to project
pulsar     puls-     to pulsate, beat
quebrar     quebr-     to break
quedar     qued-     to stay
quejarse     quej-     to complain, gripe
quemar     quem-     to burn
quitar     quit-     to remove, take off, take away
regañar     regañ-     to nag, gripe, snarl (dog)
regatear     regate-     to barter
regresar     regres-     to return, go back, give back
rentar     rent-     to rent
reparar     repar-     to repair, fix
respetar     respet-     to respect
resultar     result-     to result
saludar     salud-     to greet, say hello
señalar     señal-     to wave, signal, stamp, show, point out, indicate
terminar     termin-     to terminate, end, finish, stop
tirar     tir-     to throw, pull, draw
tolerar     toler-     to tolerate, put up with, endure
tomar     tom-     to drink, to take (figuratively)
trabajar     trabaj-     to work, labor
traicionar     traicion-     to betray
transformar     transform-     to transform
transportar     transport-     to transport
trasladar     traslad-     to move, transfer, remove (from one place to another)
tratar     trat-     to treat, try
triunfar     triunf-     to triumph, be triumphant
untar     unt-     to anoint, grease, oil, smear, "bribe"
usar     us-     to use
viajar     viaj-     to travel, take a trip
vibrar     vibr-     to vibrate
vigilar     vigil-     to watch over, vigil
vincular     vincul-     to conquer
violar     viol-     to violate
visitar     visit-     to visit
voltear     volte-     to turn
vomitar     vomit-     to vomit, puke, upchuck
votar     vot-     to vote
yodurar     yodur-     to iodize
zapatear     zapate-     to give a shoe to, kick
zonar     zon-     to zone